Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Holidays

           Success Criteria

Brainstorms to identify main ideas to be used in writing.
Uses most of the main ideas in the writing.
Uses paragraphs and sequences ideas.
Attempts to end writing with a simple conclusions.
Spells most words correctly.
Uses capital letters, full stops, commas, apostrophes, question marks, exclamation marks.
Rereads writing to edit out information that does not improve the message.
Rereads writing to edit in words and phrases that improve the message.
Uses a dictionary to identify and check spelling attempts.
Checks writing for basic punctuation.

Going to Rotorua

Brmm Brmm I’m on my way to Rotorua with my family. It took about two and a half hours to get there. We stayed in a hotel called Rydges.
We were on floor 3. There were 4 floors. Our floor had the gym and floor 2 had the pool. We stayed there for three nights and we had breakfast there too.
There was a pool there and we went in the pool about four times.
For the first breakfast I had pancakes. I had two and I had a hot chocolate and apple juice. It was really yummy.

The next day me and Belle went on a zorb. I thought it would be scary but it wasn’t. It was filled with hot water because it was in winter. It was warm water and in summer it was cold water. After that we got changed and we went on the gondola and the luge. We went on there twice. It took quite a long time waiting in the first line because it was longer and it was up a ramp. But the second line was really fast, it took about five
minutes. The luge made my hands go sore. On the way to get up I went on a luger taker. I went with Belle.  

The next day we went to Agroadventures. Me, Belle, Lucy and Cooper were allowed to do two things but Cooper didn't do two things he only did one. I went on a machine that you could fly on. It hurt my back because the people that work there say that you need to be like a banana and then me, Belle and mum went on a swoop. It was 150 meters high. It was really scary. After that we went to a maze called aMAZEme and you had to get to the middle of the maze where there was a pirate flag. I was the first one out of my family to get there. Belle was second. After we came out of the maze I played on the stilts that were there.

That night me, Belle, Lucy and Dad went ice skating. The skates were blue, I went round the edge a few times and Lucy and Belle had a ice puller. Lucys was red and Belles was blue they were number 4 and 10. I didn’t need one I fell over twice and banged my head. It hurt, my right leg was covered in ice it was freezing.
I got back up but then dad shouted out “Molly ten more minutes then we're leaving.” I said “Okay.” so then I tried to go in the middle of the rink. I fell, then it was time to go. We got subway and then we went back to Rydges and had a shower then went to bed.