Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The Triathlon


By Molly K

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Stitched Dot

Last week room 13 were doing stitched dot art work.
We needed a lot of things before we started we needed:
neon paint
wool or cotton
pain brushes
sewing pin
We needed to choose a colour and paint the cardboard that colour, then we waited for it to dry the next day we painted the cardboard a different colour then waited for that to dry.After we got some neon paint and splattered it onto the cardboard. Next we traced a circle and put in some markes on then we got some pins and made holes where the makes were we got a sewing pin and threded some wool in it and stitched through the  holes.

Monday, 11 May 2015

I Way Cycling

With about 1 minute till we get to the sports park Excitement going all around the bus The teacher saying, “Stay in your seats.” Frustrated by the children We walk out of the bus in joy I stare at Lyndell and Terese I quietly sit on the concrete I slowly get a type of hat and hop on my two wheeled vehicle I Quickly ride over the two hoses I look up to Lyndell while on my way over the hose I ride back to the line in relief Stops Waits Listens Then through an awkward moment of silence Everyone starts moving again Then lyndell starts talking again and all eyes go on her The two wheeled monster Start speeding and slowing down Wobbling Leans Falls Gets up Put stand down And then And then And then Then right before the game starts Everyone says yay

Friday, 1 May 2015

Rainbow springs was usual enough

Rainbow springs was usual enough;It had Animals, a laser maze, a playground, a water slide In the middle of the lake and even a flying fox that I didn't go on. My brother, My sister and I Did what kids do went on the water slide in the lake, stared at the birds and fish walked out the Metal door, ran like cheetahs to the lizard Feeding with my hot jacket around my waist splashed in puddles,swinging on the bars Doing nothing important.