Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Animal Olympics

Cheetah at Rio 2016

While I wait for the start, I dig my claws into the dirt to get grip. I shake. As I watch the other competitors take their marks, I think about how far the race is. I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest. The lightning rushing through my blood. The others look like they are going to waste me by miles. I was nervous. My legs were as cold as an ice cube.


The sky, dark and misty, roars as we try to pass each other to get in front. I see the puma trying to sprint ahead, I catch up. As we sprint through the forest, the mud flicks up behind us. I see the end. I gulp. I see the others start to pick up the pace so I do as well. It feels amazing to be racing in this race. I don’t even think about how tired I am or how far it is, all I can think about is the place that I will get.

I sprint past the finish line faster than I ever thought I could. I yell. Finally it’s over. I stop. I think. I just realise that I am tired but I’m more relieved that I have finished. I look.The butterflies in my tummy had finally gone.  I congratulate the others, then I go receive my gold for New Zealand.

By Molly Kinnear

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